Other Theses

Other theses discovered through Proquest are:

1. FLANAGAN, Vincent Cabell
A Survey of the Life and Works of Thomas Adams
(Diss. University of Pennsylvania, 1954)
2. HARRALSON, David Mills
The Sermons of Thomas Adams
(Diss. Kent State University, 1969)
3. HEDGES, James Laurence
Thomas Adams and the Ministry of Moderation
(Diss. University of California, Riverside, 1974)
4. PRIOR, Francis Xavier (1926-2006)
Animal Analogy in the Writings of Thomas Adams
(Diss. St John's University (New York), 1969)
5. WILT, Lloyd Paul
An Edition of the Characters of Thomas Adams
(Diss. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1973)

Also note
Testimony of God: The Works of Robert Harris, 1654, A Selection and Study

(Diss. University of Pennsylvania, 1986)
We mention this study of Puritan and Westminster Divine Robert Harris (1581-1658). This study looks at 15 of his sermons and sermon series. Besides a detailed commentary and complete textual notes, the edition is prefaced with a history of the English Puritan sermon, as well as a biography and a study of style and important themes in his works. The sermons are compared with those of Thomas Adams and others - concluding that, like Adams, Harris is a transitional figure in seventeenth-century prose, one who mediates between an earlier, more florid style and the plain style, in its ascendancy during Harris's creative life.

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