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Adams studied here as an undergraduate

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Adams Quotes 08

Hypocrites are certain to miscarry at last; so true is that proverb 'Frost and fraud have dirty ends' 153
Deny sloth not only continuance, but countenance 155
That which a man spits against heaven, shall fall back on his own face. Your indignities done to your spiritual physicians shall sleep in the dust with your ashes, but stand up against your souls in judgment. 161
Alas! That the farther end of all our thoughts should be the thought of our ends 161
Justification and good deeds
Out of the point of justification works cannot be sufficiently commended; into the cause of justification they must not be admitted. 162
How many on account of free tongues have chained feet 168
He that will be old long must be old while he is young. Express the sobriety of age in thy youth, that the remembrance of thy youth may sweeten the bitterness of thy age. A young saint, an old angel. So then let us spend our life in the thriftiness of grace; that when youth hath ended infancy, age ended youth and death ended all, we may be young again in heaven. 169 (expanded)
Patience to the soul is as bread to the body … we eat bread with all our meats, both for health and relish; bread with flesh, bread with fish, bread with broths and fruits. Such is ptience to every virtue; we must hope with patience, and pray in patience, and love with patience, and whatsoever good thing we do, let it be done in patience. 204
Patience must not be an inch shorter than affliction. 205

Who seeth not that prosperity increaseth iniquity? And where is more want is less wantonness. 228


Adams Quotes 07

Here are some more Adams quotes. The numbers again refer to pages in A Puritan Golden Treasury.

Better a holy discord than a profane concord. 61

Drunkenness and excess
While the wine is in thy hand, thou art a man; when it is in thine head, thou art become a beast. 82
To rot and to riot, differ but one small letter 98

Our heavenly king is pleased with all our graces: hot zeal and cool patience pleaseth him; cheerful thankfulness and weeping penitence pleaseth him; charity in the height and humility in the dust pleaseth him; but none of them are welcome to him without faith, as nothing can please him without Christ. There is none that dares venture into his presence without faith; she is that Esther to which God holds out the golden sceptre. Adorn thy soul with this grace; "so shall the king greatly desire thy beauty." 102 (expanded)

It is the office of faith to believe what we do not see, and it shall be the reward of faith to see what we do believe. 103

Faith is Rachel's humour: "Give me children or else I die." 104

The want of good works makes faith sick; evil works kill her outright 126

Good deeds are such things that no man is saved for them, nor without them. 127

Naked faith is no faith.


The first edition of the Authorised or King James Bible appeared in 1611 when Adams was in his late twenties.